Erik: (801) 369-3838

Serving Utah since 1959

Svendsen has been servicing our dealership for over 9 years. Eric comes by every week to make sure we have everything we need to operate. Quality service and Quality parts. We love supporting a family operated business and I just want them to know they have a customer for life. Keep up the amazing work and service.

Gilga Bahena

We have been working with Rick for the past 30 years. He is always great to work with, he is always fair and honest. I would recommend him to any one.

Logan Sweeten

I work for a business that Svendsen's delivers to. And let me say first that I love small businesses. Svendsen's delivers what I love most about small businesses. More personable, and they care that their customers are taken care of. I HIGHLY recommend! Thanks for all that you do!

Cas Hun

I have been working with Svendsen Automotive Products for well over 6 years now and have nothing but good to say about Eric and the Family Business. Their quality of product and spectacular customer service is always above and beyond expectations. As a business owner I have learned that you're only as good as your people and your products. It's nice to know that Svendsen Automotive Products understands that philosophy and lives by it too. I have no hesitation recommending Eric and Svendsen Automotive Products to anyone. Thanks Svendsens

Matt Dollar

Very dependable and always here every week with my parts. Good guy and very honest.

Ed Sanford

Svendsen is perfect for us. The supplies we need are pretty much always on the truck. Pricing is great on top of that!!

Dan Butler